Truck loses control and can not stop in time before hit the tree on the ground

the “death” was off that day, both the conductor and the driver of the truck escaped unharmed.

What happened was that a tree fell and was crossed on the road, a truck with a camera in front shot a conductor who had stopped before the tree.

The driver got out of the truck and went to help the lady who seemed to be in trouble out there, and the truth is that none of them could get out, since the tree was on the ground to block the way!

It was then that something dreadful happened, another truck coming in the opposite direction could not stop in time, also because it was a curve. There seemed to be a high speed, but the reality is that it should be with full charge, and eventually cross over the tree.

The result was that the car lady was completely destroyed, luckily no one was hurt! Watch the video, and feel the chill!

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